Holly T, Content & Marketing Executive

Meet the Team - Holly

Holly started her Marketing career at the age of 23 and has never looked back. Holly has a passion for creating engaging content on social media such as TikTok videos that bring the office staff together. She also enjoys working with her team, brainstorming new ideas and ways to promote the business.

Holly has been a chocaholic since she can remember! Easter is absolutely her favourite time of the year, as of course, this means it’s the perfect excuse to have as much chocolate as you wish.

Holly enjoys spending time with her family and friends, especially trying new food and cocktails. Despite her love for chocolate, Holly has become dedicated to her fitness. Especially challenging herself with her passion for running as she trains for the Chester 10k in 2024.

Favourite Hamper:

The Chocolicious

Eat In or Dine Out:

Dine out, preferably a Chinese banquet

Drink of Choice:

Gordon’s Pink Gin & Lemonade

Bucket List Item:

Travel around Australia! 

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