Rob, Graphic Designer

Meet the Team - Rob

Rob has been deeply passionate about digital art, design and branding from an early age and was fortunate enough to land a role in the marketing industry as a graphic designer soon after leaving higher education. Since then, Rob has spent a decade honing his creative skills and has gained invaluable insight and experience in his sector by helping build multiple brands.

Of course, being a foodie, Rob can’t ever say no to a packet of crisps and strongly believes no hamper should ever be without! He’s also a notorious cheese pincher.

As an avid video gamer, Rob spends a good amount of his free time being immersed and entertained in new worlds but also doesn’t shy away from his adventurous streak in our own world, loving good long walks with his wife on the weekends.

Favourite Hamper:
The Cheese Cool Bag

Eat In or Dine Out:
Chippy or Kebabs to takeaway

Drink of Choice:
Pepsi (with a "dash" of whisky!)

Bucket List Item:
Explore the world as much as possible

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